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My turn...

So my past two months has been CRAAAAAZY!!!

I was supposed to start dance on August 24th, but I went to Cleveland when my sister had her baby on August 26th, so when I came back form vacation I was a week behind in all my classes. We also had officer elections for the dance company. I was the president last year, and some how without me even being there I was voted vice president... which is crazy because there are only four returning members from last year... I'm pretty awesome I guess... haha... I started teaching at three studios... I teach ballet, tap, jazz, cheerleading and tumbling at all three... it's madness! and I'm still working at a skateshop... but I don't have anytime to ride anymore.

I've calculated that I'm dancing 30 hours a week. and I love it so much... but it's really hard with school and work on top of that.

We've started our Fall concert... which is on November 18th and 19th. We're working with John Mead. He's a professor from NYU who came to Utah to work on his film degree of all things... then he made a film in Singapore about dance... then he came back to us... thankfully. his dance is incredible!!! I also take a modern class and an improv class from him.

I'm also taking ballet, tap and jazz and I'm assisting a beginning tap class as well. and as far as the huuuuuuge blister on my big toe... it's throbbing... I thought if I just tried to tough it out it would just callus... but instead it's just getting bigger... I'm going to tape it tomorrow.

For our concert we're going to learn another modern dance, an african dance, a jazz dance and something else that we haven't decided on yet. I'm way excited.

and I was thinking... we should put video clips of us dancing online to show each other. if anyone knows how to do it. I know I could do it very easily. buuuuut... let me know what you think

I'm going to post pictures this week sometime of my dance classes at school... and maybe the girls I'm teaching.
my little girls have their first performance on Thursday... so I'll take pictures of that... busy busy busy

Kalli Crossbones.
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