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Baby I'm A Star

name: Katy
location: Phoenix, AZ
siblings: One older brother 26
if you have a job, what do you do? I'm a full time college student, and a dance teacher(yay!)
hobbies ((besides dance)): I love to write fiction, read, and music(I play the trumpet), stand-up comedy
name 3 interesting facts about yourself that DO NOT pertain to dance:
1) I love to travel, the farthest place I've ever been was the Dominican Republic on a mission trip with my church
2)Although I'm not very good at it, I love improv comedy, love watching it, and performing it
3)I learning how to cook, and I love it
favorite food? Anything Italian, I think
favorite restaurant? The Cheesecake Factory, or California Pizza Kitchen

your dance life:
dance studio: Cannedy Perfoming Arts Center
who do you dance for: Myself!
years dancing: 18...a LONG time
subjects studied: Tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, a little hip-hop,Ukrainian folk dancing
are you a competitive dancer? if so, put years competing: Yes! 5 years
what are some achievements earned at a studio and/or at competition ((both individual and group acheivements)): First, I think one of my greatest studio achievements has been getting the opportunity to teach dance now. So I can share the one thing that I love with others. My all time favorite achievement at competition has been my judges award at IDC, the 'wink and smile award'.
do you dance for your regular school?((college, high school, jr. high, etc.)): I've taken a few dance classes at college, but nothing much. We wern't "allowed"to dance at my high school(long crazy story) so we never did unfortunatly
if you could improve anything about yourself dance-wise, what would it be? I would definetly improve my turns, most importantly, my fouette turns
what is your favorite brand of dance gear? ((Capezio, Bloch, Leo, etc.)) Bloch. I think they have the best tights, and I like their leos

female dancer:One of my best friends at the studio Fiona. She has such passion and heart that she dances with, that I love watching her. Professionally, I don't have one
male dancer: Savion Glover...I'm a tapper :)
dance movie((s)): Center Stage, Save The Last Dance, and although it isn't really a dance movie Singing In The Rain. It has some great tapping
dance subject: Tap
dance competition: Showstopper. Julian, the announcer at awards, is hilarious!
live dance performance: Swan Lake, it's beautiful
dance quote: 'Dance like no ones watching
best dance advice you’ve ever been given: Dance for yourself. Work it!
do you have a favorite dance website? please share the link! http://www.dance.net or my studio website http://www.cannedyperformingarts.com

either or:
ballet or lyrical? lyrical
tap or jazz? tap
barre work or center work? Barre. I love the feeling that you get, when you work so hard, that you're super exhausted, but you feel really accomplished
hip-hop or modern? Hip-hop. Although I can't perform it, I love watching those who are really great at it
the second before you perform, or the second the music stops? Second before. The nervous excited feeling is scary but fun. I also love the second the music stops, that is if you've done a good job
group number or solo? Solo.
right side or left side? ((some people prefer to do things on a particular side)) I'm most definetly a leftie

we're just curious! it's time to think!:
do you think dance is a sport?: Dance is a sport! We work so hard if not harder then a lot of of other people who do any other sports. Dance is a work out, in a BIG way
what do you say to someone who looks at dancing as easy ((the “I could do that” attitude))? I would tell them to go and try it themselves. I wouldn't discourage someome telling them that thay can't do it, but I don't think people realize how hard dancing is
what do you tell yourself to get over that “I can’t do this” hump? I breathe, and just keep working harder. Everyone has good and bad dance days and if it's a bad day, you work harder. Try and think of your good days, tell yourself something that'll make you smile and put you in a good mood, and don't give up.
why do you dance?: Dancing gives me such a great feeling. I couldn't imagine me doing anything but dancing. I love being on stage and performing for people. It's the greatest feeling ever.
what is your favorite part of dance?: Performing and now I can say teachng
what is your least favorite part of dance?: The sore muscles and bad dance days
brag a little. what are some of the strongest points of your dancing?: I'm a good leaper, I'm flexible and have a great bendy back, and I'm good at putting character and feeling into my dancing, I've got stage presence
how did you start dancing?: My friend was signed up so my mom signed my up too, and the rest is history
how did you hear about im_fabulous? Just looking for a new dance community, and hoping to find people to add to my flist

if you'd like, go ahead and post a few pictures of yourself dancing. go ahead and post your feet en pointe or just pointed, your extension, a favorite costume, etc. for some ideas! trust us when we say this… we are picture whores and LOVVVE to see pictures!! ((especially of our members…)) even if it’s just a picture of a famous dancer or a cool pose or something, let us see what you find beautiful or nifty! but seriously, have fun with it! We are a fun group of gals who all share the same passion that you do!
A lot of pictures. I love sharing pictures too! :)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is Ballet Sanctus, the lyturgical dance group that I'm in. We dance at differnt churches and synagouges around Arizona. This is the picture that was featured in a book about heros in the community.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is me at Showstopper West Coast Nationals 2005 in my costume for 'Material Girl'. I got two golds for my lyrical and jazz solos.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is Fiona and I(I'm on the left) at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas. We were there competiting at Dance Caravan nationals. We're goofy!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is our production number 'The Big Dollhouse' from Caravan nationals in Las Vegas. I'm on the right(hehehe action shot!)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My lyrical solo 'Hanging By A Thread' in Las Vegas
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The thing that started it all. This is my first dance costume. I was three here. We preformed to "Oh You Beautiful Doll"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mmmm! trophies!
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