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you can dance anywhere...

...even if only in your heart

we'll explain it when we dance it...
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[[ rules are subject to change ]]

  • you must apply to join
  • you must post an application within 24 hours of requesting membership
  • you must use a lj cut in application
  • you can only post other entries besides your application after being stamped with the "accepted" bar. ((only mods can do that))
  • when applying, you must put "baby i'm a star" on the subject bar.
  • if rejected, you can re-apply.. just put "one more time" on the subject bar.
  • if you have read the rules, put "for myself" when the application asks you who you dance for
  • if accepted, you've got to vote on new members and post often.
  • encourage others to join the community
  • nothing racist, sexist, and/or anything discriminatory can be posted. you will be banned.
  • DO NOT present ANY disrespect to any other members here, you will be warned, and at a second offense, banned.
  • posts must be dance oriented. anything dance, and you're fine.
  • go here if you're having spelling issues, and looking to spell stuff right :b http://www.abt.org/education/dictionary/index.html
  • you will have to wait until 20 votes from current memebers are counted until you are accepted, rejected, or asked to re-apply. In the meantime, do not post asking about your application. You are not allowed to post until you have been stamped.
  • we do periodic, random user cuts, in which we make a post asking all active members to simply comment. those members who do not comment within a certain amount of time will be removed. ((please note that this is NOT banning. you are welcome to re-apply, but your inactivity might have an impact on member's votes on your re-application.))
  • please make all entries ((including your application)) friends only. We've had issues with people stealing from our community, so we're trying to avoid that happening in the future.

    please be honest. honesty can often get you more votes rather than just answering to be accepted.

    please take some time, read the rules, read the questions, and think about your answers, it'll help in the end! good luck! :)

    application ♥

    + name:
    + age:
    + location:
    + siblings:
    + if you have a job, what do you do?
    + hobbies ((besides dance)):
    + name 3 interesting facts about yourself that DO NOT pertain to dance:
    + favorite food?
    + favorite restaurant?

    your dance life:
    + dance studio:
    + who do you dance for:
    + years dancing:
    + subjects studied:
    + are you a competitive dancer? if so, put years competing:
    + what are some achievements earned at a studio and/or at competition ((both individual and group acheivements)):
    + do you dance for your regular school?((college, high school, jr. high, etc.)):
    + if you could improve anything about yourself dance-wise, what would it be?
    + what is your favorite brand of dance gear? ((Capezio, Bloch, Leo, etc.))

    + female dancer:
    + male dancer:
    + dance movie((s)):
    + dance subject:
    + dance competition:
    + live dance performance:
    + dance quote:
    + best dance advice you’ve ever been given:
    + do you have a favorite dance website? please share the link!

    either or:

  • + ballet or lyrical?
    + tap or jazz?
    + barre work or center work?
    + hip-hop or modern?
    + the second before you perform, or the second the music stops?
    + group number or solo?
    + right side or left side? ((some people prefer to do things on a particular side))

    we're just curious! it's time to think!:
    + do you think dance is a sport?:
    + what do you say to someone who looks at dancing as easy ((the “I could do that” attitude))?
    + what do you tell yourself to get over that “I can’t do this” hump?
    + why do you dance?:
    + what is your favorite part of dance?:
    + what is your least favorite part of dance?:
    + brag a little. what are some of the strongest points of your dancing?:
    + how did you start dancing?:
    + how did you hear about im_fabulous?

    + if you'd like, go ahead and post a few pictures of yourself dancing. go ahead and post your feet en pointe or just pointed, your extension, a favorite costume, etc. for some ideas! trust us when we say this… we are picture whores and LOVVVE to see pictures!! ((especially of our members…)) even if it’s just a picture of a famous dancer or a cool pose or something, let us see what you find beautiful or nifty! but seriously, have fun with it! We are a fun group of gals who all share the same passion that you do!

    important stuff:

    how to make an LJ cut:
  • <**lj-cut text="baby i'm a star"*>
  • **application goes here**

  • just remove the *s, and you're all set ♥

    how to promote:
  • go to the im_fabulous page, listed below
  • copy + paste the entire TAG link
  • paste the link into your journal entries, comments, or userinfo


    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    check out the website for more accepted, rejected, and promotion banners.
    and don't be afraid to contribute some banners! anything will be greatly appreciated!
    thank youu! ♥ your mod, lacygreenlaw
    banner website --> http://photobucket.com/albums/v431/im_fabulous/