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baby im a star

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baby im a star
+ name: Elaina
+ age: 13
+ location: Colorado
+ siblings: 1
+ if you have a job, what do you do?
+ hobbies ((besides dance)): Reading, writing
+ name 3 interesting facts about yourself that DO NOT pertain to dance: My greatest dream is to write a published book. My favorite book is Ella Enchanted, even though it's an easy read. I HATE TOMATOES.
+ favorite food? Blueberries
+ favorite restaurant? Um...Johnny Carinos? I'm an Italian girl.

your dance life:
+ dance studio: Longmont Dance Theatre
+ who do you dance for: For myself
+ years dancing: 11
+ subjects studied: Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz
+ are you a competitive dancer? if so, put years competing: I've only done a couple not-so-serious competitions.
+ what are some achievements earned at a studio and/or at competition ((both individual and group acheivements)): One first place trophy for tap dance, one second place trophy for tap dance.
+ do you dance for your regular school?((college, high school, jr. high, etc.)): In talent shows, sometimes.
+ if you could improve anything about yourself dance-wise, what would it be?: Extensions, definitely!
+ what is your favorite brand of dance gear? ((Capezio, Bloch, Leo, etc.))Capezio

+ female dancer: Margot Fonteyn
+ male dancer: ???
+ dance movie((s)): Center Stage
+ dance subject: Do you mean Ballet?
+ dance competition: ???
+ live dance performance: The Nutcracker
+ dance quote: "It takes an athlete to dance, but it takes an artist to be a dancer."
+ best dance advice you’ve ever been given: ^The quote above!
+ do you have a favorite dance website? please share the link!

either or:
+ ballet or lyrical? Ballet
+ tap or jazz? Jazz
+ barre work or center work? Center work
+ hip-hop or modern? Modern
+ the second before you perform, or the second the music stops? The second before the music stops...the feeling of accomplishment!
+ group number or solo? Group number
+ right side or left side? ((some people prefer to do things on a particular side))Either, I suppose

we're just curious! it's time to think!:
+ do you think dance is a sport?: No, I think it is an artform.
+ what do you say to someone who looks at dancing as easy ((the “I could do that” attitude))? I want to slap them upside the head!
+ what do you tell yourself to get over that “I can’t do this” hump? Just think about how great I'll do tomorrow.
+ why do you dance?: I love it!
+ what is your favorite part of dance?: The performing, the tutus, the feeling of accomplishment.
+ what is your least favorite part of dance?: Ugh! Getting those leg extensions!
+ brag a little. what are some of the strongest points of your dancing?: My flexibility and strong back
+ how did you start dancing?: When I was little I would tell my mom I was practicing my my grandma told my mom she should put me in dance classes.
+ how did you hear about im_fabulous? I was searching for ballet communities.

I hope I did this right!!!
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