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I don't know if I was accepted or not, but here's a re-try anyway, just in case.

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One More Time!
Eeek! I'll put more effort into it this time...and I'll look for some dance photos too!

+ name: Elaina
+ age: 13
+ location: Longmont, Colorado
+ siblings: 1 (brother)
+ if you have a job, what do you do? I just go to school.
+ hobbies ((besides dance)): I love to read and write, and I'm a huge Harry Potter fan!
+ name 3 interesting facts about yourself that DO NOT pertain to dance: My greatest dream is to become a published writer. I have never ever been skiing, even though I have lived in Colorado all my life! My most embarrassing moment is when I was very excited on stage (does this pertain to dance, really?) when they were handing out awards, and I peed my pants!
+ favorite food? Blueberries, pasta, and anything chocolate.
+ favorite restaurant? Johnny Carinos, probably. I adore Italian food.

your dance life:
+ dance studio: I go to Longmont Dance Theatre, the pre-professional studio in my town. I love it!
+ who do you dance for: Myself! I love the feeling dance gives me. I love performing, too, and showing everyone how much I love ballet.
+ years dancing: About ten. I have been dancing since I was three years old.
+ subjects studied: Ballet, pointe, modern, lyrical, tap, jazz, hip-hop
+ are you a competitive dancer? if so, put years competing: I've only done a couple competitions, so I'm not exactly competitive.
+ what are some achievements earned at a studio and/or at competition ((both individual and group acheivements)): As I said on my previous application, one first place and second place trophy for tap dancing. My personal achievements awesome foutte turns (I have a natural turning ability), getting my splits all the way to the floor, being able to hop my polka steps, getting a pointe part in the Nutcracker, and making it to level 6 at my studio.
+ do you dance for your regular school?((college, high school, jr. high, etc.)): A couple years ago I did a talent show at my school, but that was before I had my proper ballet training. Hopefully in high school I will be able to perform. I'm thinking of auditioning for the dance team for my high school next year, and I will be so thrilled if I could make it!
+ if you could improve anything about yourself dance-wise, what would it be?: As I said before, my leg extensions. I know it's not really fair to myself, but I compare my leg extensions with other girls in my class. My front and back are acceptable, but i can never get my side extensions high enough to please me! This is why I work so hard on strengthening with my theraband.
+ what is your favorite brand of dance gear? ((Capezio, Bloch, Leo, etc.)): I guess you could say my favorite is Capezio, for leotards and tights and other dance clothes. But for pointe shoes, I like Bloch. As of now, I have Bloch Sonatas, and I love them!

+ female dancer: Margot Fonteyn. She's so graceful, and I love watching her dance, even though she's from the past. Yes, dance has evolved a bit since then, but she's still my ballet-dancing role model.
+ male dancer: After I thought about this question for a bit, I came up with someone that I know from here in Longmont. He's not famous (yet), but the question didn't say anything about fame! His name is Patrick Murphy and he is the most AMAZING hip-hop dancer I have ever seen! He is my hero. You would just have to see him to believe it. Maybe sometime I could find a video of him dancing and post it? You can tell he loves every minute of it by the way he moves. You just want to stand up and go dance with him. My body was actually twitching in my seat during one of his recitals, because I just wanted to get up and dance!
+ dance movie((s)): Save the Last Dance. It's so sad, but I love the way she reached deep inside herself for the courage to dance again.
+ dance subject: Definitely ballet. I'm more of a perfectionist, so the preciseness (is that even a word?) of ballet is a plus for me. Ballet is so graceful and...what is the word I am looking for? It charges me up with all this energy and enthusiasm I never knew I had. It makes me feel beautiful.
+ dance competition: I've never exactly gotten to see a live dance competition, but it would be awesome to see one one day!
+ live dance performance: The's so classic, and I adore getting to perform in it.
+ dance quote: "It takes an athlete to dance, but it takes an artist to be a dancer."
+ best dance advice you’ve ever been given: The quote above. It gives me strength. I say that to myself whenever I'm down about something, and I feel happier just knowing that I'm an artist. This is what I say to myself whenever anybody makes fun of me for dancing, or makes fun of dancing in general. That quote just sums up everything I love about ballet.
+ do you have a favorite dance website? please share the link! It's fun to chat with everyone and get advice from people on the forum!

either or:
+ ballet or lyrical? Ballet
+ tap or jazz? Tap
+ barre work or center work? Center makes me feel free to express myself!
+ hip-hop or modern? Modern. It is soooo much fun!
+ the second before you perform, or the second the music stops? A second before the music stops, because I love the feeling of accomplishment and pride that I have.
+ group number or solo? Group number, because sometimes I get a little nervous. That explains my embarrassing moment.
+ right side or left side? ((some people prefer to do things on a particular side)) The right side, because I'm a right-handed person.

we're just curious! it's time to think!:
+ do you think dance is a sport?: No, dance is an artform, different from sports.
+ what do you say to someone who looks at dancing as easy ((the “I could do that” attitude))? As I said before, I want to smack them upside the head!
+ what do you tell yourself to get over that “I can’t do this” hump? Look forward to tomorrow. I have this pattern where I have really good dancing days, and really bad dancing days. Every other day I can just do everything, and I feel so flexible and strong. And then I have those days where I just want to go home and sleep.
+ why do you dance?: I dance because it makes me feel good about who I am. It makes me feel like I'm unique and I can do things if I just put my mind to it. It makes me a better person, and I love it!
+ what is your favorite part of dance?: Performing! I also enjoy seeing myself improve. It gives me a purpose.
+ what is your least favorite part of dance?: Not being able to be with my friends sometimes, because I have dance almost every day of the week. Sometimes I feel like I have too much to do.
+ brag a little. what are some of the strongest points of your dancing?: My flexibility and pirouettes.
+ how did you start dancing?: When I was little I would be dancing around in our old play room, and my mom would ask me what I was doing. I would tell her, "I'm practicing my dance!" My grandma said my mom should sign me up for dance lessons, so here I am, ten years later!
+ how did you hear about im_fabulous? I was searching for ballet communities, and this one caught my eye.

+ if you'd like, go ahead and post a few pictures of yourself dancing. go ahead and post your feet en pointe or just pointed, your extension, a favorite costume, etc. for some ideas! trust us when we say this… we are picture whores and LOVVVE to see pictures!! ((especially of our members…)) even if it’s just a picture of a famous dancer or a cool pose or something, let us see what you find beautiful or nifty! but seriously, have fun with it! We are a fun group of gals who all share the same passion that you do!
-My Pointe Shoes
-Margot Fonteyn
-Random Ballet Pictures
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