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where do you dance? dance creations by laurie in queens, new york
are you a better turner/jumper? jumper, i suppose
do you have all your splits? nope, i don't have my straddle
do you compete? no
if yes...what are your competion numbers?
how many pirouettes can you do on your best side?
2 1/2 on my right side on a good day
how many recital dances are you in this year? 4
(or how many classes do you take) 3
why is dance important to you? its my way of letting emotion out. i've been dancing since i was 3 but i didn't really appreciate it until a few years ago. its my escape. its beautiful.

& POST a picture of you dancing (if you can) my scanner isn't working & i don't have any of me dancing on my digital camera :[

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